Walnut timber production in agroforestry systems

BOSQUES NATURALES have collaborated in the publication of a technical dossier about agroforestry systems. This document, focused on dissemination, is published by the Agriculture Department of the Regional Government of Catalonia and summarize the advantages of a wide variety of agroforestry systems, including many practical examples, such as the ones from Bosques Naturales SA.

The publication is accessible on the web:

BOSQUES NATURALES and CREA publish the definitive version of the silvicultural manual
Thanks to the close collaboration between BOSQUES NATURALES and CREA within the WOODNAT project, we have just launched a definitive version of the silvicultural manual: Silvicultural guide to managing walnut plantations for timber production. This manual is published with the ISBN code 978-84-09-12163-2.
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Common walnut (Juglans regia L.) wood characteristics in two Italian plantations
by Castro, G.; Bergante, S.; Sansone, D.; Bidini, C.; Pelleri, F. (2019)
Research (
In: Annals of Silvicultural Research. 43(1), 2019: 35-40.

The Woodnat project (H2020) has the goal of identifying the problems that led to poor yields in walnut plantations established under the financial support of EU 2080/92 Regulation and Rural Development Programme, and of improving the market demand for smaller assortments. Some of the plantations monitored in the framework of the project needed thinning: one, an experimental stand with 5 plots with different layouts and species established in 1994, was thinned in spring 2018; in a second one, a polycyclic plantation established in 1996 with common walnut, hybrid popl
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Walnut rooting results in September 2018 at the facilities of Industrial Plants Ltd.
IndPl's Research team is currently doing large-scale experiments for the elaboration of an improved protocol for walnut in vitro rooting. This is necessary because the rooting protocol provided by Dr. Licea-Moreno from BN does not work at IndPl, although it works at BN. This paper is about this specific research.
Walnut rooting results at Industrial Pla[...]
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