ECM’s team presented the Woodnat Project in the Symposium and networking meeting in Paris.

ECM had the opportunity to explain its role and the main results obtained in the Woodnat Project (Innovation Action GA 728086) in the event Symposium and networking meeting, held in Paris last 16 th of September of 2019. The event was organized by the Polish Academy of Sciences Scientific Center in order to know the main results of the Woodnat Project, as communication event.


ECM showed its research activity within the Woodnat Project in the last three years. ECM Ingeniería Ambiental S.L. role’s in the project consists of improving the quality of the walnut plants and their growth in the preliminary stages, improving the profitability of the plantation growing different strains of edible or medicinal fungi and bacterias and making a Stumps Biological Degradation to eliminate the stump in the latest stages of the plantation, to control the grow back of the shoots.


ECM also has the opportunity to show its research, development and innovation activity in the last 10 years, where has achieved to be a leader SME in mycology. The meeting allows ECM to foster its network with important researchers specialised in molecular biology techniques or plant-pathogen interactions topis to future agreements. In addition, it was an interesting meeting to communicate the progress of the different woodnats tasks with the rest of the partners.

Woodnat Project in the Symposium and networking meeting in Paris
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