Who we are


Seistag is a young company where technical and market knowledge get together. Company´s working field is the cooperation with the existing industry to develop new business lines through R&D and internationalisation.


The activity refers to developing technical projects, improving products and production lines and boosting R&D processes. Main areas of activity are: ultimate technologies, automatization, product development, new wood applications, adhesives, bio-composites and biofuels.


The capacities of Seistag have grown through shared experiences and common feedback with the companies they work with. Today Seistag is a meeting point for specialists and wood companies in the Northwest of Spain. The national government recognized Seistag as an innovative SME; and the regional government placed Seistag on the 13th place in the ranking of companies that transform innovation into business.


Find more information about the company at seistag.com


Why at Woodnat


WOODNAT project and the company Seistag are brothers. Both seek the market uptake of local resources. Both believe in the international market as an opportunity. And more over, both consider the business competitiveness the only way to sustain the excellence of the societal and ecological European landscape.


WOODNAT project and Seistag also share the idea of technology and innovation as the path to success. Therefore, Seistag recognised very soon the opportunity that represents being part of WOODNAT Consortium. The compromise of Seistag with the project lead to be the coordinator of a wide range of actions from planting, to thinning, harvesting and first transformation.


Main activity of Seistag at WOODNAT project relates to the development of new products and the improvement of traditional sawing and slicing processes. Both actions relate to walnut wood being possible to apply them for other local species.


Where we go


At WOODNAT project, Seistag is committed to improve industrial yields of the transformation of European hardwood plantations by means of new processes and products. The tasks of the company at the project mean maximizing the value of the logs by making their industrial transformation competitive and defining profitable products.


With that objective in mind, Seistag develops its activity in the field of first transformation. This means being close to the raw resource trying to generate value at the lower level of the industrial value chain. Seistag results should support further industrial transformations and future profitable products.


Every project for Seistag is an opportunity to find new ways of value creation. Therefore, the expected result of WOODNAT project is a new and profitable business line. That business line should take advantage of a local resource. Moreover, it should be carried out throughout competitive transformation processes and innovative wood products.