Who are we


WAF Estructuras Digitales, S.L. is an established company specialised in developing security systems developer combining physical security and smart video surveillance. The company´s structure focuses on integrating both vertical and horizontal solutions. At present, our solutions help different institutions, governments and companies of all sizes to protect their employees and facilities, to prevent losses and damages and to improve business efficiency. The options are endless for clients and distributors. We have offices in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Logroño, and Calahorra) and Brazil (Sao Paulo).


Business model


WAF’s business model is based on dynamism, product supply and company spirit.
The different lines of business have been defined over time, adapting to market tendencies and evolving according to the new technologies. Among the different technologies, the company has selected the most suitable alternatives depending on our clients’ plans, whilst considering those that best fit with the personnel skills.


Currently, WAF keeps achieving the objective set at its formation: “Professional Commitment”. We establish solid and abiding relationships with our clients based on the quality of our products and services in the area of Technology, Information and Communication.


Business lines


Waf Estructuras Digitales, S.L. is a consulting and systems integration company specialised in different areas. Amongst others, we are part of the Group Food Defense (www.fooddefense-soluciones.com), in order to develop solutions to control the food production and supply of food industry companies.

We have also developed solutions such as our parking and shopping centres control system or our limited parking area control system based on moving license plate recognition in which we used the latest technologies.


Our mission


To identify, to analyse and to satisfy the real necessities of our clients by means of innovating and distinguishing solutions, based on Information and Communication Technologies, which generate value for all the interest groups of the company