9 Partners

WOODNat aims at providing for the first time an integral approach to walnut hardwood supply chain from nurseries to close-to-market wood products. Although many projects and tools have been developed in the past to promote a sustainable management of hardwood plantations, most of them have failed due to lack of a global approach. WOODNat consortium gathers 9 players representing the whole walnut hardwood value chain across Southern Europe willing to collaborate to generate added value: Bosques Naturales, S.A. (BN hereafter), the promoter of the WOODNat project is a Spanish SME with 20 years experience in the forestry sector. By putting together representatives of every tier in the chain, we will beat the atomization among landowners and discover new profitability paths to all of us.


WOODNat is focused on the walnut hardwood-chain and its overall goal is to increase the use of quality walnut hardwood produced under sustainable management practices in planted forests of southern Europe, where most planted forests are small to medium-sized and dispersed in the territory due to the EU subsidies that promoted them, and due to the  structure of the land property. The main objective of WOODNat implies adding value to the whole chain of the walnut hardwood market, and a number of subsidiary aims can be identified for the different stakeholders of the market, namely plant nurseries, walnut planted forests, hardwood transformation industry and designers and manufacturers of wooden products.