Meeting of coordination between SEISTAG and BOSQUES NATURALES

Pictures from Woodna

On December the 12th, SEISTAG visited BOSQUES NATURALES in Madrid. The meeting was part of the coordination activity within WOODNAT Project. It helped to learn the advances within two different field of action. SEISTAG presented the work plan designed between the industrial companies. Meanwhile, BOSQUES NATURALES explained the results achieved at nursery, greenhouse and plantations.


The meeting took place at the showroom inaugurated this year by BOSQUES NATURALES. The showroom is placed in Madrid. It shows beautiful examples of walnut wood exclusive furniture and avant-garde design. There are huge boards of singular trees among the material, which is present in the room. They are eye-catching and being difficult not to fell in love with them.


Although the protagonist of the room were singular boards offered by BOSQUES NATURALES, the conversation was focused on taking advantage of small diameter logs. The business based on those logs is more sustainable and scalable. For that reason, the yields and productions costs will be measured considering different diameters and different cutting technologies.


During the meeting, both Companies agree to split the roles of the industrial partners. From one hand, LOSAN is working on slicing technology. From the other SEISTAG will pay attention to sawing processes. In addition to these roles, ASIMOV will provide technical support for measurement and data exploitation.

WoodNAT at XI SISEF Congress

Pictures CREA

Rome, Italy 10-13 October 2017

By Dalila Sansone


The last October WoodNat has been introduced to the Italian forestry community at the XI SISEF Congress: Forest changes: Research, life quality and opportunities in a transition Country. The event is a bi-annual meeting conceived to allow researchers and insiders to meet each other and discuss about new challenges and progress in the sector.

CREA FL (as Italian project partner) attended the meeting with a talk at the section “Wood production enhancement. “First results from the European project WoodNat: second generation of planted hardwood forests in EU” was the contribution title. It focused on the project structure (aims and partnership) and an overlook on the CREA-FL activities in the first years of implementation. We showed the plantation database design, the main results collected in 74 Italian walnut plantations and discussed on the reasons of their success or failure and the role of the project in achieving a wood value chain global approach.


SISEF Congress is a bi-annnual event organized by Società italiana di Selvicoltura ed Ecologia Forestale, the Italian society of silviculture and forest ecology) (


Pictures by Seistag

On Friday 10th of November, IGAPE presented to the public the “2017 pilot Projects for industry 4.0”. IGAPE is the regional Agency helping enterprises to invest and grow. It works in Galicia (Northwest of Spain).

The “pilot Projects for industry 4.0” is a program focused on the implementation of Key Enabling Technologies to the industry. The main idea of the program is developing the Factories of the Future. This means a new kind of industry: smarter, more flexible, and highly competitive factories able to deal with the challenge of globalization and delocalization.

The presentation of “pilot Projects for industry 4.0” was hold at Cidade da Cultura in Santiago de Compostela (Spain). The regional minister for Industry Competitiveness handed out the recognitions granting just five projects. One of the projects focuses on forest and wood industry and SEISTAG is part of that Project together with eight more Companies.

Within this Project, WOODNAT´s coordinator Company will enable smart technologies at a sawmill. This technology will make possible measuring yields along the transformation line: from log peeling to timber drying. The innovative system will measure the production and the consumptions for every single log entering into the mill.

By means of this, WOODNAT partners will calculate with high accuracy the yields of forest products, as they will be able to consider all the attributes of the raw material log by log and stablish a correspondence between the output (timber) and the input (logs) considering all the bypass products and consumptions.


Cidade da cultura:
Proyecto seistag:

Carrefour du Bois - Nantes - The Trade Show N° 15 is all about renewal!

550 exhibitors are expected on the 30th, 31st of May and 1st of June at the exhibition park of Nantes, France. The 2016 show welcomed over 10 520 visitors from 80 countries.  The Carrefour du Bois is an international showcase and has become the event not to be missed for the entire timber market.
In 2018, the Carrefour du Bois will be reinforcing its prospection and opening up to new countries: Italy, The United Kingdom, Holland, Morocco, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Tunisia. The prospection of the visitors is overseen by the Carrefour du Bois team, its partners and Promosalons in each of the targeted countries.

An instrument of measure for an industry in the midst of change organized every 2 years in Nantes, France, by Atlanbois* and the Maritime Port of Nantes and Saint Nazaire, this is the leading professional timber tradeshow in Europe and it groups over 3 days: 550 exhibitors and over 10 000 visitors coming from 80 countries. Sawn timber, panels, parquet, traders, products for the construction industry; all these products, techniques and innovations are present under one roof. The Carrefour du Bois, a place to exchange and trade and hold business meetings, is an excellent instrument to measure the industry, to highlight the assets and answer the challenges related to this material and notably related to the construction industry.

*Trade association for the promotion of the use of timber for the Pays de Loire region

Wall panels for small dimensions : an opportunity for plantation Walnut

Photos by Groutel

Market niches research by WALE

Flooring market customers are looking for wide dimensions pieces. This is also the case for Walnut species (Juglans Nigra and Juglans Regia). That was what we have seen at Domotex - January 17 - Hannover (the leading trade fair for floor coverings). It has also been the same trend at Interzum - May 17 - Köln (the world’s leading trade fair for furniture production and interior design). Specialists are mentioning for those dimensions "JUMBO SIZES".

An alternative option for small dimensions could be wall panels.

Trendy, simple and elegant, those products are also :


  • Easy and quick to install
  • Sound absorbing
  • 100% ecological and natural
  • Decorative with a 3D effect when variable thicknesses are used
  • Master work : each piece is unique

At Batimat - November 17 - Paris (Batimat is the building industry’s leading international trade show) exhibitors presented panels made with mixed species ( mixed tropical hardwoods inc. Meranti and Framiré and also White Ash and White Oak).
We listened what visitors said about those innovations. Their words were:


  • Authentic, recycling, design, brut, natural, ecologic, industrial standards and carved by hand (at the same time).

It will be interesting to see what producers will offer at the next MOM trade show in Paris in January, then in Nantes during Carrefour du Bois, May 18.

Wall panels for small dimensions
Wall panels for small dimensions.pdf
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WOODNAT supports SMARTER TOGETHER Project. Woodnat Partners sustain a deep compromise between design, industry and society. Therefore, the technicians from SEISTAG and partners from SMARTER TOGETHER shared successful solutions from the Project and demonstrated the great possibility to disseminate own actions and good practices.

Sustainable is not just a matter of materials, it is also based on people and in integrated, inclusive societies that develop in partnership and foster dialogue among all parties. It equally builds on modern technologies and constant innovation as key ingredients at the service of people, societal development and economic transformation. Those are values shared by both Projects.

Smarter Together is a project that is part of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research program. The goal of the initiative is to develop co-created and replicable Smart City solutions. We believe in the importance of this Project for European SMEs. Therefore, this collaboration forms part of the strategy of linking European Projects to reach higher visibility for the actions of the projects.

SMARTER TOGETHER involves 30 partners from 8 countries (from such cities as Vienna, Munich, Lyon, Santiago de Compostela, Venice, Sofia, Kiev and Yokohama). The partners share their experience in different areas of co-created and replicable integrated smart solutions. For that reason, SEISTAG staff visited an action of SMARTER TOGETHER which was placed in Santiago de Compostela, in the north west of Spain, on Friday the 20th of October of 2017. This action was organized by local creatives named cenlitrosmetrocadrado.



Pictures by Seistag

Brussels meeting

Photo Elias Cueto

During two days, the meeting of the coordinators and partners of COSME project took place in Brussels. The WOODNAT coordinator took part on that meeting as technical coordinator of PRINTODECO project. By means of this SEISTAG presented the experiences of the Company on the project activities. The Spanish company also shared information with their peers SMEs.

The action last between 19 OCT and 20 OCT. It´s objective was showing the importance of COSME networking. The goal of the first day of meeting was to capitalise discussion and exchange with the wider audience of COSME projects. The participants shared information of the project monitoring, financial reporting and review. The first day was ended with the exhibition of prototypes and products. Day two takes the discussion to the Community of 10 projects to deepening on harvesting and impact. The second day of the meeting had to face the debate opened to the audience about difficulty and obstacles emerged during implementation of the project.

The main propose of the meeting was to fulfil an effective ´B2B learning exchange´ on market uptake and to facilitate networking and synergies with other projects, by creating a safe and trustful environment. A wide range of meetings and discussions took place at 26th level on Convent Garden Building in Brussels, close to Charles Rogier Place. WOODNAT coordinator shared its experience and innovative ideas on market uptake and new business models with other participants of the meeting. The Company also took advantage of the wide knowledge of well-known investors and coaches who were present on the meeting.