Who we are


Losan is an international Spanish group dealing with wood. It was stablished in 1964 and it´s activity ranges different fields such as the manufacture of wood products, for the Furniture, Decorative and Equipment Industries. With more than 1800 employees and 10 industrial facilities, Losan is present in 5 countries.


At WOODNAT project, Losan is present through Losan Romania, one of its facilities in that European country. The activity of that company started in 2000 and currently produces a wide range of wood veneer products with different formats, species, slicing, etc.

The veneer production of Losan is known worldwide. This is possible by means of its commercial brand Channel Veneers. The company is currently the first one by number of references offering special and innovative products.

Find more information about the company at losan.es


Why at Woodnat


At WOODNAT project Losan represents the most valuable wood product that can be made with logs: veneer. Veneer is the result of slicing logs to form wood pieces just 0,6mm thick. The value of the cubic meter of veneer is much higher than the price for solid wood, boards or any other first transformation product.

Although the value of the product is high, the veneer production is expensive. It is intensive in terms of human resources and due to this question, only the transformation of big logs is profitable. Note that big logs mean wide veneers, and wide veneers make possible to manipulate a higher volume of product with the same human resources.


At WOODNAT project Losan will validate the feasibility to produce wood veneer using small logs o walnut. Therefore, the company will validate technical solutions for product handling and innovative product designs in order to go across the difficulties of using small logs.


Where we go


Losan operates in the international market and therefore, it is continuously committed to improve its competitiveness. The use of local resources is a strategical advantage as it makes possible lower costs of provisioning in comparison to other competitors.
Walnut is a valuable wood, which is recognised across the world. The current standard look for that specie is the American Walnut. The European production of Walnut has failed to enter market, but it will be very interesting for European producers like Losan being able to use the local resource instead of importing logs from abroad.

Making feasible the use of European Walnut will shift European industry competitiveness’ at the same time that will push the hardwood forestry and the plantation of local species. Moreover, the industrial development based on local and sustainable resources is the path market by an intelligent specialization strategy.