The company


Bosques Naturales, S.A. was created in 1996 and it is a company whose shares are wholly owned by Spanish shareholders. During these years, the company has grown with successive capital increases.


The main activity of Bosques Naturales is the promotion and maintenance of sustainable fine hardwood plantations (mainly walnut and cherry trees), which enable the production of these types of woods with an approach that respects the environment.


The company has professional experts who are working in its production process to apply the most innovative cultivation techniques and an efficient methodology that produces top quality crop trees in production cycles of 20 to 25 years, depending on the species and plantation method.

Bosques Naturales has 1,387 hectares of fine hardwood plantations, with 265,900 trees planted in its estates in Cáceres, La Coruña, Gerona, Toledo, Cuenca and Navarra.

More than 9,000 clients are currently participating in our project and they own 198,808 trees.


Our Vision


Our planet is suffering the increasing deterioration of its environment and it can only be alleviated with the effort of our society. Therefore, it is vital to increase the awareness and consciousness of our society, something in which Bosques Naturales is heavily committed. The different social, political and professional agents involved in the protection of the environment mention that trees are an essential source of life for Earth. Within this context, it is important to plant trees and end with the indiscriminate felling of natural forests, driven by the demands of the ever-growing wood market.


The need to stop the alarming deforestation we are facing involves finding alternatives that satisfy the growing consumption of wood with a sustainable and responsible approach, including the following: 


  • The sustainable exploitation of natural forests. 
  • Planted forests. 
  • Reforestation with non-profit private and/or public initiatives

The main activity of Bosques Naturales, S.A., is based on the Plantation of Sustainable forests of wood with a high economic value, focusing on the area of planted forests, which represent 7% of the world surface, approximately 300 million hectares. 

In accordance with the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation), planted forests supply more than half of the wood destined to the world’s industrial use, and both its extension and productivity are still growing. In comparison with the forests regenerated naturally, planted forests require a greater investment by area unit and usually produce a greater value with their products and services.


If we take into account the multiple economic, social, cultural and environmental benefits, the FAO has drafted a series of voluntary guidelines aimed at promoting the sustainable and responsible organisation and development of these plantations. 

The purposes of these guidelines are:


  • Increase the population’s awareness of the benefits of planted forests.
  • Generate the conditions required to invest in planted forests and their classification.
  • Contribute towards the better understanding of planted forests, with the purpose of helping elaborate national and international policies and programs.


Our Mission


The company promotes the development of planted forests and their exploitation with agronomical criteria, under the strictest compliance with the principles of the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations) and with the application of ethical and environmental criteria to our activity. 

Our activity fulfils a triple function: Sustainability, Productivity and Innovation.




Planting trees in our estates will clearly reduce the pressure on natural forests, while we promote the rural development with the creation of direct jobs in out estates and indirect jobs in associated activities (installations, wood market, etc.). 

Our activity is sustainable because we start another productive cycle when one ends with the plantation of new trees.




The products on which our main activity is focused – fine hardwood – need a growth cycle of approximately 25/30 years, which greatly reduces the usual growth cycles while ensuring that the quality of wood is not affected.

Fine hardwood is a product in short supply in Spain, which has to be covered by imports. This wood is very popular due to its quality and that is why its price is so high in the market.

Bosques Naturales will provide top quality wood to a market with insufficient supply, offering its clients a very attractive benefit.




We are pioneers in the Spanish market, which means that we invest a fundamental portion of our resources in research. Therefore, we can select the most adequate technologies to optimise the quality of our plantations.


The growth of our company is based on the following pillars:


  • Diversification of products, characterised by their high environmental value.
  • Expansion of activities:
    • Work or participation in the whole value chain of wood in the medium term.
    • Development of synergies that are respectful with the environment and which can be sustainable.
    • Active participation in public and private reforesting initiatives.


The trust deposited on us by our clients and shareholders is our best form of support. We work to meet their expectations with a demanding business management and socially responsible approach.