New version of Woodnat brochure
We added responsibilites:

- WP2 Thinning scenarios 
- WP5 Plant production 
- WP6 Innovative solutions new plantation

- WP1 Learned lessons old plantations

- WP3 First transformation

- WP9 Project management 
- WP4 Final transformation wooden products

- WP7 App development 

- WP8 Exploitation and dissemination
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On Thursday October the 18th, the General Assembly of Woodnat Project was held in Montpellier. In order to increase the visibility of the Project and reach a higher impact, the meeting was held at CIRAD facilities which are placed in the outskirts of that city.
Wale presented for the very first time Woodnat project in French.
Discover here this PPT.
Woodnat en français.pdf
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Architect at Work - Paris 18 by WALE : A VERY UNIQUE CONCEPT
The unique and innovative exhibition layout of ARCHITECT@WORK was created by C4 - Creative Fo(u)r.
In order to ensure the optimal contact between exhibitors and visitors, visitors are automatically led along a route that winds its way through small, uniform modules. First contact takes place at the stand.
The innovations showcased by the exhibitors are presented in corner units and on the walls. In each box, which comprises four corner units, a multimedia console takes centre stage (for PC/laptop).
At ARCHITECT@WORK, traditional aisles are transformed into lounge areas: places to enjoy a drink, to chat and to provide further explanation about innovative products, applications or services.
Architect at work.pdf
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Visit to IMOLA - Italian Importer and distributor by WALE
• Purpose of visit was to understand the needs of one of the biggest importer of timber products in Italy
• Also to see what kind of quality and dimensions this major player was looking for
• This presentation will show logs he buys and production (boules)
➢ For this importer / distributor there is no interest to try to make any development on Walnut Regia coming from plantations :
o Dimensions
o Colour
➢ The only way is to use it could be to glue small dimensions pieces and/or finger joint.
Visit to Sangiorgi.pdf
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A dissemination plan is a plan for disseminating research findings or products to the ones who will use the information in practice and is something that should be thinking about early on.
It is what will help Woodnat project team to get the message out whether it is results of research or a successful intervention.
As part of WP 8, developing a dissemination plan is a key part of this collaborative project. This final dissemination plan describes what actions have already been achieved and explains what will be the next actions till the end of this project.
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Stats and Communication
WALE is on charge of Woodnat's Website. From the beginning of Woodnat project 55 e-news have been published on Website. More than 6.000 visitors coming from 50 different countries already red our works.
Communication and stats by WALE.pdf
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Wale at Carrefour du Bois
Wale at Carrefour du Bois.pdf
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Market needs by Wale
This MOM Selection is about :
• Is the Scandinavian craze for light-colored wood coming to an end?
• More precious, deeper, and with more marked veining, walnut is the new wood that decorators and designers are crazy for.
• It can be used both for furniture and for lighting, as well as for small kid-friendly or high-tech objects
PPT 6 WOODNAT WALE MOM Special Noyer.pdf
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Wall panels for small dimensions
Wall panels for small dimensions.pdf
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Woodnat Poster
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Woodnat Poster V2
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Woodnat Flyer
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