Who we are


ECM Ingeniería Ambiental S.L. is a Technology Based Company aimed at adding value to mycological resources. Fungi are used for food, medicinal and social purposes and they must manage under sustainable forest management based on scientific knowledge.


Relevant previous experience 


ECM Ingeniería Ambiental S.L. is a company composed of a team with more than 14 years of experience in mycology. Its knowledge has been increased in the last decades through the participation in different European, National and Regional projects. As a result, ECM is currently researching the potentiality of the mushroom resources in Portugal, Italy and France. Their accumulative experience has been transfer thanks to different publications (www.ecmingenieriaambiental.com).


Why at Woodnat


Walnut production starts with the seedlings production were ECM can apply fungi (mycorrhizal fungi) to improve the quality of the plants and their growth in the preliminary stages. 
At the end of walnut production, many stumps reminds in the field after final cuttings. ECM can also apply fungi to improve the profitability of the plantation growing different strains of edible or medicinal fungi and at the same time make a Stumps Biological Degradation, saving high quantity of energy and CO2 emissions or chemicals that is needed to remove them. 
Through Woodnat project, ECM will try to introduce fungi along the stand age, increasing the value of the wood with this eco friendly product, the mushrooms.


Where we go


The aim of ECM is to boost the different abilities of fungi resources. Some of them have interesting applications in walnut production, as in other agro forest crops, where is usually used high amount of synthetic chemicals as nutrients (N, P, K). However, this management showed to be very harmful for soil microorganisms and soil sustainability.


ECM believes that many solutions to solve our problems are in the nature, we just need to apply the proper technology.